Speaking of sweaters


AWE YEAH! Speaking of sweaters in my last post. It is finally winter her and I can bust out my sweater collection!! Er mer GERD, I definitely suffered far into the spring/summer last year because I just loved this one so much! I’ll update this post later with an outfit design….. now about that tea!

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Wizard at the coffeeshop

Cuz he's a mother fucking wizaaarrrddd!
Cuz he’s a mother fucking wizaaarrrddd!

Working away at my local coffee shop with my partner this morning. It was so lovely, and honestly, a dream come true. We have been apart for so long, almost two years, and this morning was such a treat. He and I work in the film industry, him more then I, and the hours are beyond insane, 80 hour work weeks. He is finished work for the rest of this year and until march next year.

I can’t wait for all of this time together to wash over me, the few weeks we have spent together now has been like finding a favourite sweater, you remember loving it like no other and try it on, at first it’s a little stiff and cold and you wonder “how am I going to fit this into what I have now” but then you keep wearing it and its warmth gently envelopes you. How could you have forgotten? It’s definitely one of those classic thick knit, complimenting colours kinda sweaters.

Hah! Anyhow, I am well and cozy now, gunna go make a tea for the night

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